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The bill concerning decriminalizing ownership and consumption in small amounts of marijuana was recently signed by Delaware governor Jack Markell. This his action certainly promotes marijuana legalization in Delaware in great degree making this state more marijuana-friendly.

What Changes Will the Law of Marijuana Legalization in Delaware Bring?

The move for marijuana legalization in Delaware is just one among others 20 states who decided to abjudge its right for individual use. Thus, personal use in Delaware will be allowed to have up to ounce of marijuana, while using it in private without meeting any criminal sanctions.

Although police still have the right to confiscate, the drug and also according the statute the penalty for consumption of marijuana in a public place will be reduced to a $100 civil fine.

The Difference between Old and New Law

Thus, according previous Delaware law, ownership of simple marijuana could be punishable up to six months in jail or fine of $1,150.

Delaware is one of 23 states, together with such states as the District of Columbia, Colorado, Washington state, Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC who approved ballot measures legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use.

Medical Marijuana Program

Delaware opened one medical marijuana distribution center, which well known as a compassion center, situated in Wilmington. The DHSS – Department of Health and Social Services published a request for proposal concerning marijuana legalization for patients. More information about the program can be found here.  

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