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Skywalker OG, an Indica dominant hybrid, is also known as Skywalker OG Kush. The Indica and Sativa ratio in this strain is 85:15. It is made by mixing two popular strains, OG Kush and Skywalker X. It is a THC-heavy strain and the amount of THC can be as high as 25%. Upon consumption, it produces the effects of both India and Sativa strains. Its relaxing effects have made the strain a favorite, with users seeking relief from several physical and mental conditions.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The Skywalker OG buds have dense olive-green nugs along with orange twisty hairs. The buds also have rich orange undertones. The milky white trichomes appear like a layer of fine dust on the nugs.

The aroma is reminiscent of Kush strains. A mix of herbs and spices with a strong diesel scent will overpower your nostrils. At first, you experience the strong spicy jet fuel aroma and that will fade to pave way for an earthy, herbal aftertaste.

Growth Information

Despite its effects and medicinal benefits, growing this hybrid strain is not exactly a cakewalk. The strain is somewhat temperature sensitive, and the best temperature is 70-80 degrees F.

Dry and sunny climate is what you need for this plant to grow and give a good yield. It cannot cope with humidity. 

The good thing is that the strain is more or less resistant to mold and most pests. Another thing that works in its favor is the short flowering period. It reaches maturity within a span of 7-8 weeks. The adult plants can be as tall as 6 feet. A hydroponic set-up is ideal and using SOG method is advisable.

The Typical Effects

Skywalker OG induces typical Indica effects upon consumption. Within 15 minutes, you may feel a tingling and floating sensation. It is preceded by a heavy feeling. Its Indica properties kick in later and you feel the so-called couch-locked syndrome. This makes it suitable for nighttime usage. It is not advisable to use it in the daytime as the rest of the day you may feel like staying in the bed or on the couch!

It also, to an extent, stimulates your appetite to an extent. However, the appetite boosting effect is not as strong as strains like OG Kush. The effects may last from 2 to 3 hours though it depends on how much you consume and what method is used. The effects may take some time to kick in, in some cases.

Medicinal Benefits

The strain has both Sativa and Indica traits and this makes it versatile enough for use in medicinal needs. It can be especially good for those coping with sleep disorders and insomnia. Its relaxing effects kick in after the initial cerebral high. It induces sleep in a gradual, relaxed manner. This also makes the strain perfect for those suffering from stress and anxiety-related conditions. The strain is also said to bring relief from chronic muscle and joint pain.

Side Effects

Like many hybrid marijuana strains, Skywalker OG produces some side effects. It can be especially hard on new users when they end up overdosing. Most users report dry mouth and eyes. You may also get red eyes. A portion of users may feel nausea and paranoia. Unless you consume it in excess amounts, the side effects will subside fairly quickly. Drinking enough water will suffice.

Summing It Up

Skywalker OG produces effects commonly seen in hybrid strains, and its relaxing effects are undeniable; being useful for a wide range of users. However, growing it can be a little tough, more so for the newbies.

This strain is ideal when you want relief from headaches, body pain, or just want to enjoy a prolonged deep slumber after a hard day. Just make sure you have enough time to spare after smoking or vaping it.

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